Airport Advertising

Studies have shown that brands that advertise at the Airport are perceived to be trust worthy and reliable, so, clearly the place of Airport advertising in building brands and the impact on its target need no embellishment.
Millions of local and international passengers pass through our airports each year (6,735,300 by Q2, 2021), who now spend longer time at the Airport due to Covid-19 protocols. This huge audience and dwell time gives advertisers/brands abundant opportunities to interact with their target audience in a captive environment.
Currently, we offer advertising services in 18 out of 21 Airports in Nigeria, with over 500 locations and a diverse range of formats to leverage your brand/campaigns including – Static billboards, Digital screens and Branding of special positions.
Air Power Limited is uniquely positioned to deliver a complete solution for your airport advertising needs in an increasingly fragmented market.

Mall Advertising

Changing lifestyle and demographics is leading to changes in shopping experience and preferences which is now driving huge volumes of transaction from open to trade market.

This trend is causing huge investment into these facilities and rapid expansion of malls and chain-stores which now offers more than a shopping experience to creating hubs for entertainment, dining, recreation... in one location.

The huge foot-falls been generated is an attraction for advertisers/brands, thus, mall advertising budget is growing rapidly because of its ability to deliver more.

In our stable we currently serve advertising in the following locations, but we are actively working to increase our mall locations and inventory, watch out...

  1. Onitsha Mall, Onitsha –Anambra State
  2. Abia Mall, Umuahia-Abia State

Mobile Truck

This platform carters to a dynamic audience especially because it can be used to compliment activation and life events –political, Socio-cultural or sporting as well as its ability to target traffics strategically because it can be moved around from one critical and high traffic location to another within a city.

We have a fleet of 12 trucks currently stationed in 4- key markets; Abuja, Onitsha, Port Harcourt and Lagos from where we can access and service all locations in Nigeria.

Digital Lamppost

Street-light-poles which are a standard urban city infrastructure on road is proving to be very strategic in leveraging media especially in big cities across the length and breadth of this country, thus making lamppost advertisement a strategic OOH media format.

For the above reasons, leveraging technology on Lamppost advertisement to serve dynamic and real-time advert messages has become invaluable, so our focus in phase one is to deploy digital LED screens along high traffic routes with high dwell time – in the following key cities:

  1. Lagos
  2. Abuja
  3. Portharcourt
  4. Enugu
  5. Ibadan
  6. Kano

This format has become very reliable for promotions, events, product launches in addition/combination to regular OOH campaigns with the ability to increase utilization vis-a-vis quick change of content and display of multiple concepts.